Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Beauty From Todd, the Norsknailpounder

Woke up. Started the day by talking lovingly with Nancy about tonight's arrival of our daughter Chloe, 4-yr. old grandson Thomas and 8-mo. old grandaughter Nora. Sadly, Chad is teaching Glassblowing at Corning right now, and will not be able to join us. We're excited to have them come stay with us for three weeks.

Can't wait to mess around with my Buddy, and get to know our new little one. She was born here last November, and we've talked and laughed with her using the Skype program, a web cam, speakers and microphone. Skype is an amazing and free computer program that allows you to see the person you are talking to in real time, by using the above tools and your computer. Calls are made on the computer, and the rest starts from opening up the call. You can phone someone on line, anywhere in the world with computer access and Skype on their computer, at anytime, for free. What a wonderful gift to the people of the world.

The guest room is my computer and float room, and it's a bit lonely in here at the moment-had to pack up all of my loose floats, and the shelf of colored floats for safe-keeping. It's a small price to pay for having so much joy ahead of us.

Got out of bed, turned the computer on, threw on some clothes, grabbed my yogurt and a glass of ice water, and went to my email first. Am I twittering?

Found two great emails: one from Bob commenting on last night's post, and filled with more questions. You can't get through one of Bob's emails without being bombarded with ideas and questions from him. His mind is so fertile! and I truly look forward to hearing from him.

The second email was from another great Euro collector and friend Todd, the Norsknailpounder:

Good morning Tom.

Here is a shot just taken of a float from Per, very cool-a bit out of round and streaks of green moss colors at each end of the float :)

The photos of Todd's really beautiful Norwegian float with it's rare mark and the green swirling in the seal button are above. Why the green swirls and threads in the seal?

Perhaps when the gather of glass came out of the furnace, it was just chance that the apprentice grabbed a gather with some extra iron oxide deposits which had not been throughly mixed? It's a great float with personality, and a story. Thank you for sharing your float with us Todd, and for following the blog.

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