Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tuesday 4/7/09 On The Way Home

Per has been unable to find internet access until last night. After reading his email, I wrote back to ask what his final plans were for the last part of the trip. Last night's email:

Hi Tom,

I am now at the vessel and will soon be at the mid point of Norway, at the city: Bronnoysund. Don't know the exact latitude.

Did not find any floats for sale at my last jump off the vessel, just about two hours ago. Shot one picture of an interesting lighthouse.

We are now on the middle of Norway (Bronnoysund.) The vessel will arrive at 4.30 and departure is at 5 o'clock. I have been invited for a meal at the restaurant today, by a couple of friends that I met at Stamsund. They are very friendly people, and from my hometown Bergen.

Has anyone bid on that super rare float that I found in the beginning of the expedition? Maybe I can take a look into Ebay from the vessels internet connection? I don't have my own computer connected since there is no wireless connection in operation on this vessel.

No pictures added in this email, will try out the cellphone, and maybe send a few later on tonight

Take good care,


Late this morning (Tues.) I received the following:

Hi Tom,

I am on the vessel now. Visited Trondheim for several hours, but didn't find any floats!

Will soon arrive at Kristiansund, but will only dock for 45 min. Maybe I can look for floats at the local Antique store...dont know!

Tomorrow, Wednesday at 2:30 P.M., will be the final destination-hometown Bergen.

Until then, see you!

P.S. Will write an email, and look thru my pictures to send you on Wednesday around midnight or so!


As I write, it's about 2:45 A.M. aboard the vessel, and Per is most likely asleep. In 12-hours he should be getting off the ferry, and making the short trip home. His wife Tone, must be very excited and happy that Per has been able to make it home safely, and in time for their Easter plans.
It is such a good feeling to know that everything worked out well for Per. The ship must have been repaired, or other arrangements made to accommodate Per's return schedule. I know how happy he is because he will be able to keep his promise to Tone.
It's been fun following Per's trip, with all of it's ups and downs, the beautiful photos of Norway's western coast, the intial excitement of his first float finds, the disappointment during the very cold weather, the long 350-mile drive over ice-covered roads to visit the Russian sellers, the lack of good float-finding luck, then the sunny windless day when everything took a turn for the better, and his hopes for the expedition began to be fully realized.
I hope that all who followed the blog have enjoyed this expedition diary as much as I have enjoyed presenting it.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

It's been a bit hectic between the business, and having no email from the server all day today. Finally, at 10:00 P.M., we got our email server back, and Per had written, and sent photos. There are two day's worth of photos here, including a beautiful shot of the ultra-rare long pin found at the beginning of the trip.

Hi Tom,

After a lot of research in abandoned areas at Ramberg area, and some interviews...wow! I tell you, looking thru 3000 floats that's a big job. From the huge number of floats approx. 10-15 had interesting embossing and quality.
Having some experience over the years with weight, size, shape and color has helped when looking for interesting floats.

Am very surprised about the huge numbers of unmarked floats in the far north, especially brown colors. I didn't find a single marked brown or amber 5", 4" or 3" float, except for the often-seen M mark.

Even got a lamp or candle stick or candelabrum made from a glass float and iron, by the owner of all those floats. Perhaps someone out there reading this blog would be interested in float art work too? Interesting float lamp and candles. Hope he uses only the unmarked ones. Please don't drill a hole in a Stranne & Oresten float LoL.

Float finds today:

Two huge boxes-approx. 70 glass floats, 7 of them interesting floats and marks. That's great and a higher percentage when compared to the 3000 find Tuesday/Wednesday.

I also have been digging among other floats in stores that sells old junk, and came up with 1 interesting float from approx 40 floats.

Tomorrow-Saturday, I have an appointment with a junk seller in Stamsund, who has a sack full. Hopefully that dig also will give 1 or 2 interesting floats.

I'm on the Internet again. Have moved, and am now situated at Lofoten Fjord Hotel, Stamsund.

Maybe tomorrow or Sunday will bring some interesting floats? Anyway as a close-to- the-finished expedition, I would say that the dividend has been fine. I had hoped for a couple more teardrops though.


P.S. Stamsund view from my Hotel room.

Tomorrow is Sunday, Per's 3rd. Sunday of the expedition, and like all good things, the expedition must come to an end on the 7th. As the trip winds down, I'm hoping for a grand last Hurrah!
One of the photos shows a Cod drying rack. It's amazing that the old method of drying Cod is still in practice. It's hard to find the perfect spot to dry in the open air. Just the right amount of wind, sunshine, temperature and lack of flies does not occur everywhere. In the past there was a huge enterprise in Norway, Nova Scotia and Labrador drying Cod in the open air.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thurs. 4/2/09

Happily, I can report that Per is just fine, that he has been looking at many floats, and has had problems finding an internet connection in his present location.
Per sent the following emails late last night, and today:

Hi Tom,
Several emails have been sent to your account and copied to my hotmail account. Everything is alright except for no internet, tv or radio... Just like year 1875.

Sorry no internet connection. Maybe I can try to drive around, and look for an unsecured wireless network. The cellphone line is no good either. Float finds today, look at the pictures!

Later, I received the following:

Hi Tom,

Found an unsecured wireless internet connection, and can stay here for a few minutes.

Did you got the history and pictures from the Andreassen house and boat house?
Pictures from the abandoned house and boathouse are added in this email. The
fisherman who owned it, died out at sea, approx. year 1947, and his wife died approx. year 1962. Since then the house has been abandoned.

Plenty of floats! One guy has collected floats for several years-making art and lamps from glass floats. I've never seen so many floats in my life, 1000 - 3000 glass floats + approx 15 teardrops in the attic, and several 8" floats with superb old nets. Another building from his collection has approx 100 8" glass floats, etc.
Traded plenty of floats, and found some interesting examples.

Today 02.04.2009

Have an appointment with a guy or two this afternoon. I got some help from 4 old retired fishermen this morning. They gave me interesting and valuable names and phone numbers.

Ps. Look at live pictures from where I'm standing in the middle of nowhere, on the road, writing this email!

Take good care,

Next wireless find, don't know!

Per wrote last weekend with the wonderful news that his family has been following his exploits through reading the posts to this blog. I hope that they have read this latest post, and are assured that all is well. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?