Monday, November 22, 2010

A New Float From France

About one month ago, a terrific float that is embossed "JGO Sevill," was sold. The sale originated from France, and I thought that all of you collectors and readers would be interested in seeing a float that as far as this collector knows, no one has ever seen before.

The beauty of the float for me is in the cachet or embossing. It is a beautiful new addition to place name embossings. Many of the known examples of place name floats are as follows:

"VAS Veteria Montelupo F;"

"Societa Art. Vetraria Altare;"

"Made in Germany Clover;"

"Made In Czechoslovakia;"

"Made in Germany;" which is an uncommon maker's mark very similar in design to
"Made in Czechoslovakia;"

"FG Made in Norway;"

"Northwestern Glass...Seattle;"

"Crystallite Glendale Calif;"

"FGC Made in England;

"British Made with the North Star;"

"EXTRA RG Portugal;"

"Cameleyre Freres Arcachon;"

"CA Lindren Punsch Stockholm"

"VG" on the seal and "VIDRIERIAS DEL GUADALETE SA" on one side of the float, and
"PUERTO STA MARIA ESPANA" on the opposite side of the float and

"Made in Japan."

Hopefully, more rare place name floats such as the "Portugal Domar with the large star on the side of the glass, seen in Stu Farnsworth and Alan Rammer's booklet, "The Collectors Price Guide and Identification Handbook-GLASS FISHING FLOATS of the WORLD, will be found and made available to at least one of us collectors. As suddenly as the "JGO Sevill," appeared, another great float will surface. Ken Busse has been offering some terrific floats on Ebay auctions lately. There are more than a few that are tremendous and rare floats. Wonder if Santa will make this good boy smile?


  1. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Tom, What a great post with photos of two I had no idea were in existance!!PUERTO STA MARIA ESPANA and "CA Lindren Punsch Stockholm" superb floats. Hopefully sharing these will bring others to light. Would love to see a photo of a Portugal Domar. Keep up the great work!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. Anonymous4:50 AM

    Brilliant post and interesting reading. All pictures from floats are great and I liked the "JGO Sevill," float. Congrats!


  3. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Hi Tom
    The borders of the new float look so much like the Peser marked float and simular to LI in rope or wreath. Good find ! Todd.

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  5. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Hi ! i have float "Societa Art. Vetraria Altare". Can enyone help me to sell this float? Thanks !