Wednesday, February 02, 2011

An Addendum

In the last blog post, my theme was great floats coming to me through friendships. In that post is a photo, and brief history of a beautiful amber Japanese Star with Kanji in the star. I could not get over the fact that my good friend-Olaf in Germany-found the float in Europe. Today, I received an email from Olaf. I thought you might enjoy reading what Olaf had to say about that float:

Thank you for the kindly words over me in your blog. I only want to
say something obout the amber "Asian" float. This float I got a long
time ago in change from Stu Farnsworth.
It was a very nice float, but my favorites are bottles and so I brought
this float to you. I think it is better in your collection.

Thank you Olaf for your continued kindness and frienship to me.


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  2. Anonymous4:20 AM

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  3. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Don't know why my email did not work for you. The address is: Hopefully you will read this, and get back to me.

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  5. Kindly retry sending the email to my address. I do not know why your email was not delivered- unless spam was attached?

  6. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Sorry about your problem sending to me, but it would be very easy for you to post your new information about Torvald Stranne floats right here on a comment. It would be great if you were to do so.

  7. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Well a fire burnt down Torvald Strannes workshop :(

  8. Anonymous4:56 PM

    What kind of fire "? Todd

  9. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Thank you kind reader for not giving up trying to contact me, and for sharing the story and your time and effort with the readers.
    Tom Rizzo

  10. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Well a boiler got dry so the system got to hot and the hole house caught fire.

    Hole house has been taken down now and new one shall be built up.