Sunday, March 20, 2011

News From A Blog Reader

One of the blog's readers has been trying to get in touch with me concerning information about Torvald Strannes' shop in Sweden. The story the reader relayed is taken from the Swedish newspaper, BOHUSLANINGEN, published February 14, 2011.

I used Google Translate to translate the following:

The Fire At Smögen Bridge Extinguished

The fire on Friday completely destroyed a building at Smögen The Bridge is now extinguished.

30 people out of emergency services fought the fire which is believed to have been caused by an overheated wood boiler in the building which is a combined boat house and store. Upstairs are the stores "58 Degrees North" and in the basement was earlier "Hugo's Plumbing". The store was closed for the season

Search and Rescue assisted with extinction from the basin and contributed to the fire never could spread to närligande stalls and shops.

"We must be very pleased," said Office of the rescue director Peter Bergman

"No one was injured in either fire."

On Friday night, the rescue services searched the property with a thermal imaging camera to ensure that there is no danger of the fire to increase again.

The news is sad, but I do want to thank the reader for taking the time and trouble to relay this information to us.

March, 23rd.

I noticed that there was another comment from the kind reader who informed us of the fire. It was an answer to Todd's comment question concerning what type of fire it was:

"Well a boiler got dry so the system got too hot, and the whole house caught fire. The house has been taken down now, and new one shall be built up."

The thought struck me that here is a perfect example of how we are revealing and keeping the glassfloat history for future generations. Had Roger and Maria not shared their trip to Smøgen, and their visit to Torvald Stranne's daughter, we would not have known of the supply store he once operated, nor would we have seen photos of the shop in operation. Now, the store is completely gone, yet we have a wonderful historical record preserved.


  1. Anonymous3:17 AM

    So that's history now, sad.

  2. Thanks for sharing with us such interesting post, i will be back to see new post in here.

  3. Anonymous6:06 PM

    I talked to Margitt, Torvald Strannes daughter today. She told me that the building are being restored.

  4. Anonymous1:32 AM

    It's not being restored it's being built up again from scratch.

    All was torn down after fire, did a lot of the work myself som i know :)

  5. You have a lovely blog. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I do not speak english, bat this blog is really good!