Friday, February 03, 2012

Collectors' Favorites 2011 From Roger & Maria Brun

A Roger email is always a surprise. One never knows what he will write about. Over the last few years, we have shared many emails, collaborated on float history, enjoyed some excellent trades, and given each other float gifts and friendship. I like Roger's quiet way, as well as his enthusiasm. He embodies all of the good traits inherent in Yin and Yang philosophy. "Quietly enthusiastic," describes Roger well. His wife Maria is an accomplished linguist. Thanks to her linguistic abilities, she has been a great help translating float history from books, and helping Roger with their wonderful website:

Last fall Roger sent an email, describing the current weather. I thought the readers might be interested in reading what he wrote about the weather at home, as well as what happened to those living on the west coast of Norway.

Hi Tom,

We are doing fine. I had much to do this summer and autumn, but now I'm just waiting for the winter that did not come yet. It feels good that I'm all prepared.

Its been nice that the winter decided to come later this year than previous years. We have had some really nice days. At the west coast and north of Norway its been not so nice, with storms and waves as big as houses. much damage and even lives lost. But this is how it is each year over there when the storms are coming.

OK! That was the weather, a Norwegians favorite topic :)

A week ago, Roger surprised me with the following:

Here comes the first photos of my 2011 favorites.

The Åland floats from Sweden.

The Stokksund Egg - after a trade with olaf in the summer,

Ship's Wheel - also after a trade with Olaf in the very end of 2011.

The Grooved Egg from Todd is marked F1. I do also own a F2 marked float. So, I was thinking that it would be cool to have the F1 as well. What suprised me after receiving the F1 float was that it is smaller than the F2. I was not aware that they existed in two different sizes. 2" and 2,5" wide.

A few days passed. I was writing Jon & Maria Ramberg's post, when Roger added to his list with another email and photos.

Remember we were in Trøndelag in June 2011? I promised long time ago to send you photos of what we found. Here they comes :) These floats were found altogether in a secondhand store.

Some photos of floats that were purchased through e-bay 2011:

French L

and the beautifully netted 8" Made In Czechoslovakia

The BY5 float on the right side of the pair of floats, came from Olaf.

The HD and 7 marked float belonged to Todd, and the Asian 2 on the right hand side of the pair is an Asian float purchased on Ebay.

These floats were purchased from sellers in Sweden. The exception is the beautiful Swirled Bjorkshult. that you sent to me, Tom. That was a big surprise and for sure a favorite #1 in 2011.

The Colorless Compass Marked float is 7,5" and is made of thick solid glass, probably made as a working float.

Small Blue Compass

Cobalt Blue Albrechtsons

Roger sent another email with additional photos and text. He and Maria had quite a year of collecting!

Hello Tom,

Here comes the last photo I wanted to show you.

The Smith Kavelhund

This Kavelhund has the most common anchor - the British Naval Anchor float, two unmarked and molded British floats and one Heye Glassworks float with the older type of Clover marking.
I was thinking when looking at these floats, that all of them look like they are most likely British except for the Heye float. Smith is an English surname. We do not have many Smiths in Norway. It could be that he was an immigrant or maybe his father was? Perhaps he brought these floats with him from Britain?

Roger ended his email with the following:

You dont have to add all the floats photos that I have been sending to you, maybe some the most interesting ones would be enough. It has been a great plesure to see all the new floats from all the collectors, and to read about them.


It is so much fun for me to show the readers all of Roger and Maria's favorites from last year, and to give you a glimpse into the many sources that their floats came from. As Woody Woodward the great Japanese float hunter and collector wrote:

"The hunt is my favorite part of floats.

There is no doubt in my mind that all collectors identify in some way with Woody's sentiment. Daily, keeping the eyes and mind on the pursuit of the prize(s), drives and excites me. Perhaps one day, I will again be able to hunt beaches far removed from Ebay Beach? There are so many places in the world that call to me. To hunt for floats and their histories around the write about and photograph my meet people on the way...that is my dream.

Thank you Roger and Maria.

P.S. For readers who are not familiar with the photos posted, you can enlarge them. Simply put your browser on the photos and left click. It's great to be able to see these beautiful glass floats, and other photos in an enlarged format.


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