Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Czech/German Question To Ponder

On one of Pereinar123's last great Norwegian float history expeditions, Per sent me a photo of a Made in Germany float that he had found. Never having seen that German marking before, I was immediately struck by the similarity to the Made in Czechoslovakia float construction, location of the mark and the lettering.

The Czech Republic has a past history of occupation by Germany, and a sharing of glassmaking technology, and craftsmanship.

For your consideration, I wish to post the two photos above. Kindly compare the two floats and their cachets.

In my mind, I have a hard time believing that the Made in Czechoslovakia floats were made in Germany, although my son-in-law, a glass artist and glass art teacher, assures me that would have been possible. If the reader sees the same similarities that I do, perhaps it would also be worthy to think that the same engraver designed both cachets? In the world of glass, employees were constantly changing places of employment due to the short-lived nature of glass houses.

The photo of the Made in Germany float was provided by Ken Busse. Thank you Ken for permission to use your wonderful photo for the blog.
The photo of the green Czech is the author's.

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