Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tuesday 4/7/09 On The Way Home

Per has been unable to find internet access until last night. After reading his email, I wrote back to ask what his final plans were for the last part of the trip. Last night's email:

Hi Tom,

I am now at the vessel and will soon be at the mid point of Norway, at the city: Bronnoysund. Don't know the exact latitude.

Did not find any floats for sale at my last jump off the vessel, just about two hours ago. Shot one picture of an interesting lighthouse.

We are now on the middle of Norway (Bronnoysund.) The vessel will arrive at 4.30 and departure is at 5 o'clock. I have been invited for a meal at the restaurant today, by a couple of friends that I met at Stamsund. They are very friendly people, and from my hometown Bergen.

Has anyone bid on that super rare float that I found in the beginning of the expedition? Maybe I can take a look into Ebay from the vessels internet connection? I don't have my own computer connected since there is no wireless connection in operation on this vessel.

No pictures added in this email, will try out the cellphone, and maybe send a few later on tonight

Take good care,


Late this morning (Tues.) I received the following:

Hi Tom,

I am on the vessel now. Visited Trondheim for several hours, but didn't find any floats!

Will soon arrive at Kristiansund, but will only dock for 45 min. Maybe I can look for floats at the local Antique store...dont know!

Tomorrow, Wednesday at 2:30 P.M., will be the final destination-hometown Bergen.

Until then, see you!

P.S. Will write an email, and look thru my pictures to send you on Wednesday around midnight or so!


As I write, it's about 2:45 A.M. aboard the vessel, and Per is most likely asleep. In 12-hours he should be getting off the ferry, and making the short trip home. His wife Tone, must be very excited and happy that Per has been able to make it home safely, and in time for their Easter plans.
It is such a good feeling to know that everything worked out well for Per. The ship must have been repaired, or other arrangements made to accommodate Per's return schedule. I know how happy he is because he will be able to keep his promise to Tone.
It's been fun following Per's trip, with all of it's ups and downs, the beautiful photos of Norway's western coast, the intial excitement of his first float finds, the disappointment during the very cold weather, the long 350-mile drive over ice-covered roads to visit the Russian sellers, the lack of good float-finding luck, then the sunny windless day when everything took a turn for the better, and his hopes for the expedition began to be fully realized.
I hope that all who followed the blog have enjoyed this expedition diary as much as I have enjoyed presenting it.