Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thurs. 4/2/09

Happily, I can report that Per is just fine, that he has been looking at many floats, and has had problems finding an internet connection in his present location.
Per sent the following emails late last night, and today:

Hi Tom,
Several emails have been sent to your account and copied to my hotmail account. Everything is alright except for no internet, tv or radio... Just like year 1875.

Sorry no internet connection. Maybe I can try to drive around, and look for an unsecured wireless network. The cellphone line is no good either. Float finds today, look at the pictures!

Later, I received the following:

Hi Tom,

Found an unsecured wireless internet connection, and can stay here for a few minutes.

Did you got the history and pictures from the Andreassen house and boat house?
Pictures from the abandoned house and boathouse are added in this email. The
fisherman who owned it, died out at sea, approx. year 1947, and his wife died approx. year 1962. Since then the house has been abandoned.

Plenty of floats! One guy has collected floats for several years-making art and lamps from glass floats. I've never seen so many floats in my life, 1000 - 3000 glass floats + approx 15 teardrops in the attic, and several 8" floats with superb old nets. Another building from his collection has approx 100 8" glass floats, etc.
Traded plenty of floats, and found some interesting examples.

Today 02.04.2009

Have an appointment with a guy or two this afternoon. I got some help from 4 old retired fishermen this morning. They gave me interesting and valuable names and phone numbers.

Ps. Look at live pictures from where I'm standing in the middle of nowhere, on the road, writing this email!

Take good care,

Next wireless find, don't know!

Per wrote last weekend with the wonderful news that his family has been following his exploits through reading the posts to this blog. I hope that they have read this latest post, and are assured that all is well. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?