Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Auction That Started It All

Happy Father's Day!
I've been wanting to get back to writing about Charles Abernethy, and finally am taking time today to do so. This post will be a short one. It's written in preparation for the 1981 booklet, "1 Degree to 179 Degrees West Longitude 1981".

As the readers will recall in the first Charles Abernethy post, I was alerted to this man through the kindness of a fellow glass float collector: Todd, the "Norsknailpounder." Todd sent me an expired auction that whetted my appetitie to know more about Choly Abernethy. A great gift, as well as additional information from collector friends and the kindness of the auction's seller, started me on a path of knowledge about this great collector and fun-to-read writer.

In the wake of Todd's original email have come enjoyable acquaintances with others who knew of, and those who personally knew Charles. I am hoping that the trail of discoveries will continue. Perhaps one day I can find a way to contact his son Sam, or another member of his family who can tell me more about Charles.

Attached are photos of the auction, and perhaps they best explain why I was instantly excited to learn more.

The above photos are from the Ebay seller's auction which I copied to my files. They can be easily enlarged by left clicking on them.