Sunday, June 13, 2010

Star's In My Eyes

Bob Buffington, our host during last fall's Carribean float adventure, sent an email earlier in the spring, concerning a new maker's marking on a Euro float. He started the new float's arrival with the following:

"Hi Tom,

I thought I was going to be sending you a pic of a great find - but alas - things changed a little, and now I will have to wait. I think there is another float out there that has not yet been described. As soon as I get it, I will send along a pic for you to review. Let me know what you think.


A week or so passed, after that enticing email arrived. There were a number of times when I wondered what the float Buff was talking about would look like? Before the week had passed, the second email about the new marking arrived:

"Hey Tom,

The float I teased you about came in today. It's a crazy one. It's free blown. It has one large star in the center of the seal button, and has three smaller 5-point stars on the edge of the seal button. There are also parts of two others that weren't embossed clearly. I tried to take pics of it tonite, but had to stop and help Lynda finish mulching our monster flower bed. Whoa!

I think this float may have been painted white at one time. It is really a strange one. I have never heard of or seen this mark before. A friend of mine found it while on an island with me three years ago. He was hunting with my sons Clint, Evan and myself.

We had just put down the cooler under some Cassarina trees, in anticipation of it being there after a hot brush hunt. I walked towards the bush, as did Evan and Clint. My friend Larry, walked straight from a Cassarina tree, looked down and said,

"Is this what we are looking for?"

He held up two floats-a small and clear SB9, and this multi-star float.

The stars are shaped like the marked float from Britain, which are green, and have a single small star on the bottom of the float. These stars are on the seal button. Anyway, I'll send the pics tomorrow night if I can get good ones.

The float is white, but is not white glass. It is one ocean-beat-up-and-worn float, and no doubt, has white paint on it. Its funny that the glass, even with the paint breaking down, is still shiny in spots. It has to have a crack somewhere, because there is white intermittent scale on the inside.

Keep in Touch,

A day or two passed, when Buff sent another email with photos of the float. What a great mark! What a great float, and story of its finding! Will others come to Ebay? Will some lucky collector who is in touch with a friend, suddenly be offered another example of this beautiful mark? I wait with anticipation.

For whatever it is worth, I like to call the British marking a "Starfish" float. That single star reminds me more of sealife, then reminding me of a heavenly star.

Another thought.

I'm just guessing, but this float resembles floats manufactured by the makers of the glassfloat embossed with a "Banded Wreath." Another "Branded Wreath" example has the word "Peser," embossed on the seal, surrounded by the same style of "banded wreath."

"Peser" translated from the French, means "weigh."

Another thought crosses my mind when I look at Buff's 6-Star photo. That float sure has something Spanish emanating from its photo. Who knows?

It's been so much fun having many collectors sending their floatos and stories to me. What a pleasure it is to post and share them with those who read this blog. Sharing, was my original intention for starting the blog. It's great to see the idea coming to fruition.

Just to whet your float appetite, there are future posts pending, which showcase some absolutely tremendous floats-recently found in sheds, barns, boathouses, and attics. Give it a bit of time, and soon, I can begin to share the floats and their owners with all of you.


  1. Very interesting british float or a starfish float...congrats! And a great find and story!



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  2. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I am wondering if there is a mold line running from top to bottom.
    I see maybe two lines running around it,one on the top and one on the bottom but none connecting the two. Take care Todd.

  3. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I am wondering if there is a mold line running vertically, I dont see any. Take care Todd

  4. You ought to sometimes send, and not turn out to be overly astonished on the whole thing by a pic