Monday, July 05, 2010

The Moscuzza Float

Quite a while ago, Tina and Aaron aka Pumpkins 699, advertised a float on Ebay auctions as being the:


I'm willing to bet that like mine, all of the Euro collectors' eyes lit up at the prospect of seeing the float, and reading the auction description. The photos above show the only example that I know of a Moscuzza float. The auction's description reads:

This is a brown glass fishing float ball. It is believed to be a South American float. It measures almost 5" wide and 5"tall or 16+1/8 inch circumference. The glass is a brown color. There are lots of scuffs and scratches to the glass. No chips or cracks! The float looks to be a 2-piece mold float or maybe a European mold. There is a tablespoon of water in the float. The glass is very ruff and abused! There is paint or sea growth on the glass. We honestly can't tell. We purchased this float from a commercial fishermen in Texas quite a few years ago for our collection. There is no information about this float. No one has ever seen one like it.

The photos of the float were copied to my Euro float file. With interest, I watched the auction which did not get a bid, and still have the buy-it-now offer on my list of watched floats.

On June 3rd., Per Einar sent me the following email:

Hi Tom,

Just saw this Moscussa glass float for sale on Ebay today by Tina and Aaron. You know I love digging for facts ;)

Take a look at this Ebay auction:

What do you think?

Maybe a discussion on you seahermit blog is the right thing to do, and upload some pictures and links to this site:

Take good care my friend!


After reading Per's email, I immediately went to the link, and found the website for the Moscuzza Group, which operates out of Mar del Plata-the main fishing port in Argentina.

Joseph Moscuzza, the company's founder, left his home in Italy, and arrived in Argentina during the 1920's. He was a fisherman, who taught the local fishermen his fishing knowledge, then hired them to start the company.

The company specializes in catching, processing and shipping Hake, Shrimp, Squid, Flounder, Grouper, Butterfish, Anchovy, Red Snapper, Mackeral, Sea Trout, Skate, etc.

The website is a concise and interesting read.

I did attempt to communicate with the company, but have not had an answer to my query for more history, especially history about the production, and use of the company's glass floats. Maybe one day, I will receive some information to pass onto you? After this is posted, I will copy and send it to the company with the hope that someone there will reply.

Thank you Per, for once again taking the time to share your research with the readers.

The Photos:
1. Joseph Moscuzza;
2. fish the company catches;
3. fish the company catches;
4. the very oddly-made seal;
5. the float's mold lines also showing captured light and
6. the Moscuzza float's embossing.


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    02983- 424636 ...URGENTEEEE

  2. Anonymous10:22 AM

    me llamo gaston zucco soy de tresarroyos esta a 250 km de mardelplata.... el dia 26/09/10 .. me fui de pesca a marisol( una playa no muy conocida cerca de mi ciudad)..y a 3 km de el agua sobre la arena encontre un flotador blanco con el corcho y en el fondo dice MOSCUZZA..
    traten de ubicarme... es muy raro.. y esta en perfecto estado

  3. Anonymous8:43 AM

    recently found a Moscuzza float like picture that shows your blog ... I have it on sale tresarroyos am probincia of Buenos Aires Argentina ... Telephone 02983 to 424636

  4. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Zucco gaston I'm called tresarroyos this mardelplata 250 km .... 09/26/1910 day .. I went fishing marisol (a little-known beach near my hometown) .. and 3 km of water on the sand I found a white float the cork on the bottom says Moscuzza ..
    try to reach me ... very odd .. and is in perfect condition

  5. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Moscuzza float, its back on ebay! 13.2.11

  6. Hi there,
    I was the owner of the famous Moscuzza float on ebay. I have now sold the float for close to the asking price with trades of other floats. It has a new owner and in time the new owner will let everyone know who he is I imagine.

  7. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Hi, the Moscuzza float now resides in my collection. These floats were made for the Joseph moscuzza group in Argentenia. They came
    in clear green and amber. Amber I'm told is the rarest. They were made 1953-60. This information was provided by my good friend Hector in Portugal. Todd

  8. Anonymous10:59 PM

    hello todd! . gaston call me ... I'm from Argentina and found a transparent white Moscuzza float in good condition ... I leave my mail in case you are interested in buying ...