Sunday, August 09, 2009

8/9/09 They're Off!

Per and Amund are off on the expedition!

I've just received these photos and emails. I get the impression that the third party was unable to join them. Should Per send other emails today, they will be published before I hit the sack. It's a long drive to their base camp, and I do not expect to receive photos once they arrive due to the duration of the trip, as well as having to unpack and getting set up. I would imagine a warm meal, and hitting their beds will be first priorities. The excitement as they drive through the high mountain passes is escallating.
Per writes:

Hi Tom

Worlds longest tunnel for vehicles (Lerdalstunnelen) 25km. We are now
at approx 2000meters above sea level at the top of Sognefjellet
(mountain) heading north direction Lom.

Per and Amund

The photos sent show:

The world's longest automobile tunnel;

Norway's highest mountain on the left (Galhøpiggen) and

The famous area Jotunheimen

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