Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where Are They? 8/12, 8/13/09

Where have I been? Well, let's up at dawn yesterday, watered, came in at 8:15 to find that Nancy, Chloe and the children were all asleep, and we were supposed to leave for the airport at 9:00. Woke everyone up, we got it together at a solid pace, and made it to the airport in excellent time. The children made it to Amarillo,Texas sans luggage. I cooked a nice dinner for the two of us. Gees! It was quiet, so quiet that Nancy and I looked at the visit photos on the laptop as we ate, and talked about the time with Chloe and our grandchildren. Made three quarts of great-tasting tomato sauce, then hit the sack. Woke up this morning feeling a bit guilty for not posting, but could do nothing about that-my crew was arriving at 8:00 to plant next spring's daylilly crop. We finished the planting just as the rain started in the afternoon. Made three more quarts of sauce, watched a funny movie: Tropic Thunder, and finally, here I am.

But all of that stuff is not why you've come to read the blog. You want to know where Per and Amund are, and what they've been doing. So, OK, here goes:

August 12,'09

Hi tom

We are still out fishing ;-)
And Amund has shot a great photograph of an beautiful eagle catching fish.

After getting home from the airport, I found that Per had sent another email:

Hi Tom

We have been fishing, floathunting, eagle-photo-hunting, and the day has
been exellent!
Your email have been very interesting reading, and I can't wait to hear
the Stranne story and see the pictures.

Roger's photograph of the net with similar glass floats as the Ålesund floats is a a great find! Plenty of interesting float finds among all your friends out there.

Nothing very interesting from Amund and Per today, plenty floats-only
one interesting mark.

We talked to a woman out on the Island about a possibility to find a
place to stay for one or two nights, not easy, all rooms are occupied in
the only place available on the Island, so we have to wait until
Sunday or Monday.

Take good care my friend and the same to all the blog followers out there.

Per and Amund

Early this morning, Per started my day out with this email:

Hi Tom,

We Are about to leave the cabin, destination Brønnøysund. My SUV needs
service. We have an appointment with a local car-repair company

Per and Amund

I thought the guys were out in the middle of nowhere, yet there is an auto dealership not that far away, that can take care of their SUV. Who would have thunk it?
Later in the day, Per wrote again:

My SUV have got new parts and we are safe now.

Today, we caught several cod fish, whiting and plenty of other fish that I don't remember their names, but they was excellent food for the wild Eagles. We where throwing the fish to them in order to study the birds as they dived for fish on the water's surface. Got some great pictures. One Eagle was very huge and dominant, not afraid. The other eagle was afraid, so we had to set the engine in reverse, and give her some space before she finally took off from the top of a tree and dived down to the bait.

We took pictures of one huge King Eagle and those two Sea Eagles as mentioned above. It is a very fantastic moment to view these Eagles in action and wait for the perfect shot-when light, color and distance is perfect!

The weather is no good...heavy rain. The next few days and next week is also not the best, but we have warm clothes and rain clothes so there will be no problem ;-)

We have been discussing going fishing far out in the fjord outside of our cabin, toward the open sea for catching that really BIG fish, but high waves and wind can be a problem.

No floats today, but better times will come NeXT week! We have been climbing mountains (Torghatten). It has a big hole near the mountain top and is very fascinating to look at. The hole was made from nature-not people or engines. (try google Torghatten on the internet) I will send a picture from the top in my next email.

See Yaa
Per and Amund

So the guys are enjoying their surroundings as they wait for the right time and conditions to visit one of their destinations. If you remember from an earlier post, Per has a contact on one of the islands who may have some very rare oval floats. It is such a long trip to get there, that Per and Amund want to make certain of the floats' existance, and their ability to purchase them, as well as get a place to stay once there.

I don't know what the next few days will bring as far as floats are concerned, but I am in the process of getting ready to write a post about Roger and Marie's wonderful vacation and finds.

If there is not too much to write about the expedition, and floats, I will post Roger's wonderful emails with photos. He sent me the nicest follow-up email this morning.

After reading the blog post discussing his original email, and my desire to direct the readers to what he and Maria found, Roger graciously has allowed me to post for the readers. I'm looking forward to that.

I hope that you enjoy Per and Amunds photos, and the beautiful AV float that they found yesterday. Click on the second photo-the gray-nondescript one, and you will see a Whale feeding on Herring.

Now, you know where they've been.

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