Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saturday 8/15 to Today 8/18

Sat. 8/15

Hi Tom!

Yesterday we beachcombed on Vega Island.

Have added a few pictures from yesterdays finds, and a falling-apart-boathouse on the other side of the island Vega.

While beachcombing, we found only cork floats and old nets-no glass floats, but we have an agreement with an old fisherman out there. He needs some days to look for glass floats among his fishing-nets and old fishing gear.

Today has been a beautiful day so far with sunny warm weather. So we traveled far out to sea to catch the big ones-and we did, 18 cod fish and only large sizes from 2-5Kg each.

We have a few huge boxes specially made for deep-frozen fish so we can get all fish safely home.

See Yaa!

Per, (Amund is taking a nap)

Sun 8/16


We were just in contact with a museum guy from the AAsnæs and Namsos districts who has buttons and maker's marks found in the sand and soil in these areas.

Next week we will concentrate more on the floats, and hopefully something interesting will show up on the islands we will visit.

Today 13:45 local time or 07:45 New York time, we have been fishing. Caught 10 cod and a took a few pictures of the baby Eagle. The mother or father that we have been photographing seems to be sick and tired of us traveling around in a boat in her territory-photoshooting her family. ;-)

Per and Amund

Monday 8/17

Hi Tom

Today we have been visiting with a guy with who has several boxes filled with
floats-approx. 100 floats. We found 5 interesting floats: 2 from Bjørum,
one from Aasnæs W/sunken pontil and two 2" floats (BV).

I guess the ice blue color makes it diffucult to see the exact marks. One is BV and the other is an HV or BV. I will try to take a closeup of the marks for you to study later on.

Amund purchased two amber unmarkt floats yesterday.

Per and Amund

Tues 8/18
Hei sender ved bilder av ørn tatt i dag morges.

Ha en trivelig onsdag!


Translated means:


Will send photos of the eagle taken in the morning.

Have a good Wednesday!

Later today: I sent Per an email using a translator to send it in Norwegian, and wanted to know if Per was able to read it. I followed the translated version with the same email in English, to see how the translation service worked. Here is Per's reply, and news:

Hi Tom

Very well done, just a few grammar faults. I did understand every
sentence, no problem ;-)

I think that you must be tired from work, emails and blog. You have done a fantastic job so far! (I've got a couple of months of work left, then vacation, in a new and exciting place, with terrific people to share the time with. Oh Boy!)

There's a very heavy wind outside our cabin today. We had to walk across
and over land to avoid waves, and to be wet all over by using the boat. Nothing very interesting today, and something in my mind tells me that this expedition might turn into a catastrophe or a huge miss or whatever the name is for something that does not end up with several interesting and rare floats, and only the smell of fish!

I have been in contact with the woman on the Island again and two other people in the same area. This evening will have all the answers.

A well known human way to behave is to:

tell stories about huge finds and plenty of floats on the phone; or you have a personal meeting-outside the float area; or if someone know someone who know someone, who know someone; and when you finally show up, ohhh I will not sell. Sorry!


I don't have the key; or can't find it; or my brother has it and he is
unavailable. But I know another fisherman, he might have the info and
floats you are looking for...ughhh!

My point is:

Far too many unpolite people out there!

But when everything seems to be darkness and no floats, maybe something wonderful will show up tonight after all the phone calls are done?

Pictures added in earlier emails are:
damaged boats on the coast;
one restored fishing and whale boat at Nevernes harbor;
Amund with another box with floats, but not what I'm looking for
and me taking a picture as I am digging for floats among rope and netting.

Nothing interesting.


Uh oh! Frustration is beginning to set in, but in Per's email there is also the positive outlook that things can change in a minute. Hope tonight's phone calls prove both Per and I right.

Just finished dinner, and wanted to finish this post. While Nancy and I were eating, I told her about receiving an email from our daughter. She wanted to see it, so we opened up my account, and I saw that Per had sent a final email for today. Hmmm. Looked forward to reading it, but wanted to wait until after dinner, and this is what I found:

Hello my friend,

As you can see from picture below, Amund is working on the computer
with emails and pictures. So am I. Not on my computer as you can
see from the picture. My computer has taken a day off, and my iPhone has
taken over. It's easy, and works-even if the pictures don't have the
best quality.

We have finished an agreement with the island woman and her brother, and have been
invited over for a meeting on the Island far out. That's wonderful
news isn't it!

We both are looking forward to visiting that Island, and
the upcoming meeting with a few of the local people out there to
listen to their stories and stories of the Island's history. It must be like a fairytale living that far out at open ocean and very hard too.

We will leave our cabin and Nevernes early in the morning. Travel by
car for approx 4 hours, and 3 car ferries for approx an half hour or
more each. We will have a long travel-interesting and full of wonderful nature. We might have to stay over for one night on the Island. Time will tell. Wish us luck. ;-)

Per and Amund

That's it.

Per and Amund are motivated to find floats. You can see the look on Amund's face as he carries that box of floats. You can see the excitement in his body as he looks through the crates of floats in the last post's photo. You can feel the need in Per's words. Now, they are going to be off on another adventure.

They've had a good time while at the cabin fishing, photographing, finding a few floats, etc., but it's time for the big time.

You bet Per! We're all hoping that the two of you have a great trip over the mountains and out to sea. I'm really hoping that the big one hanging in the boat house will at least be photographed for posterity's sake, and also hoping that you end up with that float along with at least three beautiful large eggs.

Good Luck!!

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