Friday, August 14, 2009

Going With The Flow, Friday, 8/14/09

In some ways it's fortunate that Per and Amund are six hours ahead of us clock-wise. When I get up in the morning to check my emails, and begin the day, Per and Amund are getting close to lunch time. Per has been sending me emails to wake up to daily, and this morning was no exception:

Hi Tom

We Are traveling far out fishing-trying to catch the big ones, on
65* 28.187
12* 32.350

Per og Amund

My reply:

Good Morning and Good Luck!

Each of you catch at least one Whopper!

Hope that all is well with the waves. Keep your eyes open for rouge waves. Your coordinates are safe with me, now you be safe.

I'll be thinking about you as I'm planting Fig Trees today.


Later this morning, while taking a break, I found that Per had written again:

We Are traveling out to Norways biggest Island or Island plateau, to an old history and fishery district named Vega. The carferry departure is 07:30 New York time today.

Will look for floats, do history research out there and photoshoot from finds and the area. Weather was no good far out on the fjord this morning, so we took a new route with my SUV and gear. You can Goggle Vega and Ylvingen on the internet if you find time between your hard planting schedule.

Good luck and thank you for all blog updates.


After Nancy and I returned from the post office at about 5:00 P.M., I found that Per had sent me a couple of emails prior to going to bed.

Thank you for your email Tom. You have been lucky, (My friend Olaf, had sent me an offer for some very nice German and Norwegian floats that he had found while on vacation. I wrote Per about them this morning.) Send pictures. ;-)

We will send pictures from todays travel in the next two emails. Transport ferry time is 45min, so I will take a short break from driving.

Always great to receive your answers on email, and an excellent communication between two buddies across the Atlantic ocean. Technology and electronics have been a must on my travels in Europe and into the deepest fjords of Norway.


The next email reads:


Have meet some fishermen today, and floats Are available, but we have to
arrange a new meeting next week out on the Island again to look thru
all the floats.

Cabin area;

Pictures of the neighborhood area close to our cabin, and floats in wooden boxes.
We have to examine each one, and some floats that are not seen on the picture,
tomorrow or monday.

Those are two great photos. The spot they are staying at sure is beautiful, and seeing Amund digging into those boxes of floats has me salivating. The amber float in the bottom left of the box in the foreground, intrigues me. Those two beautifully-netted floats in the box under his hand and the clean bright colors of the glass on the other floats, energize me. I just love amber floats, and wonder if that one is marked? The weekend is ahead, and I look forward to the further adventures of
Per and Amund.

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