Friday, March 27, 2009

3/26/09 As Luck Will Have It

Hi Tom,

My story for today is:

Kirkenes and the Russian sellers. Asked several Russian sellers about floats...nothing. It seems like rare glass floats are super rare all over the world and the Russian population in the far north does not know a thing about glass floats. This bad luck is funny! I have never had a bad luck like this before...

If something positive does not turn up tomorrow, I will produce a cross identical to the one I found in Ålesund and put in the front seat of my vehicle!
At the market there was a lot of Russian crystal cognac and wine glasses, carafes, eggs, hats, wooden dolls, huge hand made wool socks (bought 6 pair) only $12.00 USD, all kind of Russian-made things...but no floats. I gave away some floats and my cards.

I'm now situated in Havøysund, which is an outer island situated as far north as you can drive by a vehicle. The house I'm in was rented out as a Charity house for fishermen. No longer used by the fishermen, since a new Charity house was built down by the docks.
Very nice landlords here. It is a great place to stay.
I have also been in touch with a few contacts, and have straightened up some problems getting together. Hopefully, will meet with, interview and do some float research tomorrow.

I am a bit tired right now after driving 336 US miles on snow and crystal hard ice roads, with a command car in front of me on the worst parts.

Image is from an abandoned fishery district a few km from my stay here. The state county will do a demolition job on it because it is dangerous for people to walk on the docks etc.


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