Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday, 3/28 In the North

On Saturday Per had a last day to look around the north country with it's abandoned fishing buildings.

Hi Tom,

I took a closer look into the abandoned area(I love danger and rotted piers).
Left behind was plenty of old fishing nets and polyform buoys, junk and a few glass floats of no interest.
In a part of the fishery district buildings I found old archives in bad shape. They were paperwork from old accounts. I did a fast research and found original glass float receipts dated 1962, from The Bergen fishery gear company, Campell Andersens.
Also found two old originals Polyform bouys with advertising paperwork from 1961.

Next year those old abandoned fishery district buildings will be leveled. The county plan is to possibly burn them down.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning, heading south, and will arrive on monday.

I found 8" Extra RG Made in Portugal floats, and a buoy that was used to find out sea water speed before fishing with a line with many baited hooks. If the water speed was fast, then it was not prudent to put the baited line down.

I had an interview with the owner of the cod liver oil business shown in the photos.
The company name was: H. Guldbrandsen A.S., and located in Snefjord.
The factory was built in 1948, and closed approximately 1970.

Cod livers filled the huge wood-barrels on the top floor. The Cod liver boiler was filled with water, wood and coal were used as fuel to heat the water like a steam boat or train. High pressure steam ran inside the iron tubes, as seen in the pictures, and down into the two huge wood barrels. The steam boiled the cod livers into oil. The finished cod liver product was stored in large tanks.

They have a similar cod liver oil factory at Å. I will look for a text when I visit there!

Have to hit the sack. The vessel arrives in approx. 10 hours, and I have to clean up the mess from my stay here.


The email was sent to me on Saturday night.

The fish bottle photos are from the author's collection. The fish bottles were made in the United States after 1920, and filled with the finest Norwegian Cod Liver Oil. One of the bottles is partially filled with the oil. As far as I'm concerned, the oil can stay there forever! I'll continue my daily dose of extra virgin olive oil.

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