Saturday, March 28, 2009


Per's Expedition started out on such a high note by finding a spectacular and rare shaped float. The great good fortune then turned into days of searching for floats, but aside from having wonderful traveling experiences, float finding took a nose dive.
In the last post's email, Per was bemoaning the bad luck that he was experiencing, and all I wanted to do was reasure him, and to tell him to just listen to his inner voice, and things would work out just fine. Here is Per's email from today:

Hi Tom,

Today, Friday 27.03.2009-a great day! Superb weather. The sun is shining from a blue heaven and no wind.
Absolutely a perfect day for float research, bird watching and maybe trying some fishing on a modern fishing machine(juksa).

Started this day with a local fisherman who has more than 30-years of experience fishing in Havøysund. This fisherman also has plenty of historical information from the district. He is a great fisherman, who is kind, a pleasure to meet and to be out fishing with. I was able to research, and shoot plenty pictures at sea during the 4 hours on his boat. Wonderful nature and plenty of old and abandoned houses and fishery districts.

We visited the famous bird island named Hjelmsøya and all the abandoned buildings. In the summertime there are as many as 40 sea eagles and other types of eagles living on this island, as well as other interesting sea birds.
People have lived on this island since approximately 1600.

In 5 minutes, two cod fish, great start!

Float finds today:

Had a great meeting with a fisherman. Would have liked to have met his brother, but he was on vacation. I did meet his son and uncle. Two chances for research-one before lunch and one after. The pictures tells more than 1000 words, so take a look below Tom.

Approximately 10 - 15 interesting floats from those two boat houses (looked thru plenty of floats). One three fish float, a few AAsnæs and a few others. Maybe I can shoot a few pictures of floats tomorrow? The floats are stored in my vehicle!

Had a great conversation with a young man, and he told me about plenty of glass floats lying on the top floor out on an abandoned fishery district. He has been out there working. There is a problem is though. I'll need a boat or snowmobile to get there!!

Enjoy the pictures. Sorry about the huge amber teardrop that was damaged.

Sea Eagles nest is on a rock named Hjelmsøystauren.


I often open a file in my mind to a very special book,THE PROPHET by Kahlil Gibran. Gibran's character speaks so beautifully of the need to live with and accept the negative in order to appreciate the positive. After all that Per has been though on his quest, today his life was lifted to wonderful heights. The expedition is fulfilling itself, and will live within Per forever-the good and the bad.

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