Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday 250309 Kirkenes

Hi Tom,

Good luck with the greenhouse re-covering today!

Been researching around on the docks in Kirkenes today after lunch time, and also neighborhood areas early in the morning.Still in a bad float-finding luck mode in the north, but interesting people and meetings will come very soon.

Anyway, I was visiting the fisherman club in Kirkenes, and did talk with 7 fishermen (Russian) and two guys from Finland. The two Finish men were translators between me and the fishermen. I don't speak a single word in the Russian language. When signs where made by hands and the looks on their faces, I sometimes understood the meaning. All the Russian fishermen have my card, and promised to make contact if something good shows up.

I also went out in my SUV to get a float sample so the Russians could see what I was looking for. Some said they never had seen a float like that before, and another guy (the oldest, a fisherman with a huge beard) just nodded as if he could confirm to have seen them before, but this man spoke no Russian, and also he was a little skeptical of interviewing and camera.

No floats today, but a great conversation over a coffee.

The temperature tonight is a freezing 3 degrees fahrenheit, or -16 celsius.


Two Finnish guys who did a great job translating;

Russian fishing vessels;

The Seamen's Club and

my SUV

Photos from the email sent earlier today:

the Russian border just a few 1000-meters from my stay here, and a few miles from the Kirkenes center.

Today, Per should be browsing through the offerings from the Russian sellers, who visit once a month. It would be terrific if he were to happen onto some of those rare Russian glass floats!

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