Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, '09

Only one email from Per today.

Hi Tom,

Great to hear about your float trade, and that the float was in beautiful condition. Always interesting and great when a good trade is accomplished. I hope to make some trades too when vessel arrives in Kirkenes on Thursday. There, I am visiting the Russian people at the sale later this week.
Weather in Tromsø now is cold, and there is a lot of snow. Only one interesting float from my research today. Looked through a half sack of floats-mostly + P.C.F.+.
The vessel is leaving for the Northcape area. Hopefully the weather will be better.
Take good care my friend! And look out for Polarbears.

In earlier emails prior to Per's departure, Per described the upcoming day in Kirkenes with the Russian sellers:

I will spend 1 day in Kirkenes area, where the Russian people sell interesting Russian Antiques and other stuff... they are visiting Kirkenes on 26.03.2009. These Russian sellers visit the Kirkenes area every last Thursday almost every month. The sell everything from junk, souvenirs, gear, military, etc., you name it. The Russian sellers have Norwegian special visas for selling in Norway on those specific days.

The float that Per spoke of at the beginning of his email, is a beautiful Red Trovald with dark red or black swirls in the glass. My trading Pal and I phone almost weekly, to say "Hi!" swap stories, bemoan the long winter weather, etc. A few weeks ago, I was able to win a beautiful Japanese pre-1940 deep aqua marine 9-incher with green swirls. After sending the photos of the float to my friend, he quickly emailed me to ask if the float was trade material. I knew that he had the Red Trovald. Maybe lightening would strike both of us twice?
During the following Sunday morning's phone call, the urgency in my friend's voice caused me to promise to send the float to him for inspection right away. He took the bait...Maybe, I took the bait?
The following afternoon, I got the float to the post office before the late-day mail pickup. Sent Priority Mail, two days later, he received it. That evening I got the call saying, "Trade On!" On Saturday afternoon, the Torvald arrived. A good trade is really fun!

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